The Inside Story on Mokosh Face Cleansing Powder


by Marion O’Leary

Our Face Cleansing Powder is made from pure plant ingredients, designed to work gently and in synergy with the body’s own healing and regenerative systems. It is well known that eating a nourishing diet free of synthetic additives and rich in fresh plant-based foods will bring your body long-term health and improved vitality. It is only logical that the same applies to the skin – use of natural, compatible, fresh ingredients that promote the skin’s own natural cleansing and restorative processes will lead to healthier, younger-looking skin, more capable of combating the stresses it is exposed to in everyday life.

Face Cleansing Powder is a cleanser like no other – a reservoir of plant-derived ingredients chosen for their ability to deliver nutrients – vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals – whilst at the same time providing gentle cleansing and exfoliation, restoring balance and boosting resilience in the skin.

The nutrients contained in the dried ingredients are activated upon mixing with water, thereby delivering their cleansing, healing, and nourishing properties at maximum potency at the skin surface. We believe this is the best way to obtain the full benefit of the ingredients. It is the antithesis of mainstream bottled cleansers, which are often harshly detergent in action, slowly degrading and losing nutrient value in their watery medium.

We’d like to give you a quick run-down on each of the carefully chosen ingredients in Face Cleansing Powder.  It contains 96% certified organic ingredients – clay is the only ingredient that is not certified organic, and cannot be certified because it is not an agricultural product.  Although the main known properties of each plant are mentioned below, there are many uncharacterised phytonutrients still undiscovered in all our plant foods. Using plant-derived ingredients delivers hidden nutrients that could never be reproduced in skincare composed of nutrients that have been synthetically manufactured.

ImageOatmeal – This forms the base component of Face Cleansing Powder. A humble yet highly nutritious food that is also beneficial when applied to the skin. It contains saponins, natural soap-like substances that gently mop up dirt and degrade bacteria, as well as anti-inflammatory mediators  – this is why oatmeal baths are a traditional treatment for soothing itchy inflamed skin. In addition it contains anti-oxidants, helps restore moisture balance to the skin, and may also have anti-fungal properties.

Neem powder – Neem is known in India as the ‘village dispensary’, because of its use in Ayurvedic therapies for a wide variety of disorders.  Virtually all parts of the neem tree are used, where they may be taken internally or externally, depending on the condition.  Our Face Cleansing Powder contains dried neem leaves, which have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal  and anti-inflammatory actions as well as extremely potent anti-oxidant properties.


Lemon peel powder – Lemon peel is a natural astringent, bactericide and antiseptic. It contains a number of acids, including citric acid, which aids in lightening the skin, breaking down oils and skin debris, and encouraging skin renewal. It is also rich in anti-oxidants, including vitamin C.





Coconut flour – This is made from the coconut ‘meat’ after extraction of coconut oil.  It is highly absorbent and also has fine exfoliating properties. It contains trace minerals, vitamin C and other anti-oxidants.





Rose petals – Dried rose petals retain small amounts of precious rose oil, in addition to other beneficial components not present in the oil.  They contain vitamins A , B and C as well as minerals.  They are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, mildly astringent and help regulate sebum production.




Green clay – Like all clays, green clay is extremely rich in minerals. Its main function in Face Cleansing Powder is to absorb oils, dirt and other impurities from the deeper layers of the skin, as well as providing gentle exfoliation. When left to dry, clay raises the temperature of the skin, helping to draw out excess sebum and improving circulation.

Tulsi leaf – Also known in India as ‘Holy Basil’, Tulsi is widely used internally in Ayurvedic treatments for a variety of conditions. Rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, as well as iron and zinc, it is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.




Wheatgrass– Well known as a rich source of chlorophyll, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and anti-oxidants.





How can you expect your skin to change after using Face Cleansing Powder?

The first time you use Face Cleansing Powder, you will notice an improved smoothness and softness to the skin. There will also be an improved general quality to the skin, some might call it ‘freshness’ because the superficial layer of dead cells has been removed, exposing the younger underlying layers of skin. The oil balance of the skin is also likely to improve – excessive dryness should diminish because moisturisers applied onto daily exfoliated skin will be more readily absorbed by underlying cells, whereas excessive oiliness and risk of breakouts will be reduced because clogging debris and excess oil will be gently absorbed and removed.

ImageIt is known that air pollution contains particles that can act as free radicals and also promote inflammation, both of which can accelerate ageing of the skin. Because many of us live in environments that contain these particles, regular gentle cleansing combined with application of anti-oxidant – rich skin care products, and eating a healthy, natural diet should help combat these effects.

Below is a selection of the testimonials we have received
about this product:

‘I thought I would let you know that I am exceptionally happy with the Face Powder and Body Exfoliant that I previously ordered. I had never used a powder cleanser before, and at first I thought it a bit ‘messy’; but that was easily resolved by putting the required amount of powder on a small plate and taking it with me in the shower J It is the best cleanser that I have ever used, and the only one that has been able to remove the tiny blackheads on and around my nose. It also leaves my skin very receptive to hydration. ‘ Hollie

‘Your face cleansing powder has really improved the look of my skin – I am not getting break-outs anymore and people are always commenting on how good it looks. I follow with your face oil and it all goes in really easily. I’ll never use anything else. Thanks for such a great product!’  Marie

‘The face cleanser has done wonders for my daughter’s skin, her acne has settled right down and she is obviously thrilled. It is so good to find something for her skin that works so well and is not full of nasties.’  Linda

The official ‘how to’ guide – Mokosh Face Cleansing Powder

ImageBecause of our commitment to fresh, raw, natural ingredients, Mokosh skin care products are formulated differently from others. You won’t find water-based cleansers or moisturisers in our range, because water-containing products require a number of synthetic additives – including preservatives, emulsifiers and other synthetic ingredients – to remain stable.  We avoid these chemicals because we are not assured of their safety, and we believe they are incompatible with our bodies’ metabolism. We design skin care composed of pure plant products, without synthetic additives. For this reason Mokosh products need to be used differently. Face Cleansing Powder is one that often puzzles users at first glance, because it is so different to standard water-based cleansers. Here we’d like to show you exactly how to use Face Cleansing Powder so you can get the full benefit of using it from day one.

Face Cleansing Powder has 3 distinct uses: it acts as a gentle daily exfoliant, a natural nutrient-rich cleanser, and when used as a face mask, a deep detoxifying treatment.

How to prepare and use Face Cleansing Powder…

All the ingredients in this product are dry, and therefore Face Cleansing Powder will remain in good condition as long as no water enters the jar. However, we suggest you use it within 6 months of opening as, like any food-based product, it will oxidise on exposure to air. If you plan to apply it in the shower – and many people find it convenient to use it this way – prepare a mini bowl of Face Cleansing Powder and take it into the shower with you. If you take the whole jar in the shower you risk getting water into it, which will allow it to spoil.  

ImageTo ensure you can treat the whole face effectively and to prevent your hair getting involved in the process, we suggest using a head-band, shower cap or towel around your hair. Take approximately 1 teaspoon of powder in a bowl or in the palm of your hand, and mix with sufficient water to make a smooth paste. This image shows the approximate consistency you are after. It should be runny enough to flow smoothly over the skin as you massage, yet not so runny that it drips through your fingers when you try to pick it up.

Massage the paste gently over the face and neck in smooth circular motions, paying particular attention to the T zone area if that area tends to be oily, but avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes.

It’s very important to ensure you don’t apply any pressure when massaging – apply sufficient only to move the paste under the fingers, or you may find your skin becomes red and irritated. The aim of the treatment is to remove the superficial layer of dead cells and other debris – but to leave the all-important layer of protective keratin, the stratum corneum, intact. As this is a once or twice daily treatment, a very gentle massage is all that is required to keep the skin clean and fresh.

ImageRemove the paste by washing with liberal amounts of water, and follow with a wet face cloth to remove any remnants. Some of the ingredients in this product are very fine, so it is important to ensure all traces are removed.

Using Face Cleansing Powder as a Face Mask…

When used as a face mask, this product provides a more intense detoxifying treatment, gently drawing out more deep-seated debris. The frequency with which it should be used in this way will vary with each individual , since the drawing action of the mask will draw out some of the skin’s natural oils as well as dirt. If Face Cleansing Powder is already used once or twice daily, or if the skin is already lacking in natural oils, there may be no need to use a mask at all, since the gentle exfoliating action keeps debris from accumulating. However, oily skins or skins with acne might find it beneficial to use it as a mask once or twice a week. Other skin types may benefit just once a week, or only occasionally, when the skin feels drab and in need of a regenerative boost.

When used as a mask, Face Cleansing Powder should be applied exactly as above, but left on the skin until dry, or until the skin begins to feel tight, usually around 10 minutes. For a longer treatment, simply freshen the mask by spraying with water. To remove the mask, first wet the mask until it rehydrates completely before attempting to remove it – this will prevent dragging and irritating the skin. Once it is fully rehydrated, rinse away completely using plenty of warm water.

Using Face Cleansing Powder as a Spot Treatment…

Many of our customers find Face Cleansing Powder a great boon for spot treatment of pimples – make up a tiny amount of the paste with water, and apply gently to affected areas, leaving on overnight if possible – note that you might like to place a towel on your pillow to catch the green powder. The clay, coconut flour and oatmeal paste will draw oils and waste products from the pimple, while the antibacterial activity of neem , lemon peel powder, rose petals and tulsi will help reduce the bacterial load.


ImageWhen all traces of powder have been removed, apply a moisturiser in the form of a Natural Face Oil appropriate to your skin type, or one of our Face Creams – Rich or Light.

Remember you need apply only a tiny amount to moisturise the whole face, approximately one-fifth the amount you would use of a water-containing lotion. Ensure you apply while the skin is wet, either by leaving some water on the skin after cleansing, or by spraying with Pure Hydrosol Toner. If you have time, do an Ayurvedic face massage at this point  – it takes around 5 minutes, makes you feel wonderful, stimulates circulation and supposedly acts as a DIY face lift. For the eye and neck area, use Eye and Neck serum – specially formulated for these two delicate areas.