Making a difference – what can I do?

When looking at the environmental and political turmoil around us it can be tempting at times to give up, and ask ourselves what can one person do when the problem is so large? Because traditional activism is difficult to find time for in our busy lives, many of us have taken to joining campaigns through social media. It seems only the devoted few join protest marches, focus groups or make the effort to raise money for campaigns, though these methods can be extremely effective, because they drive issues forward, raising the awareness of other consumers as well as decision makers. A powerful alternative is to carry out a quiet revolution using our wallets – by spending our money on products that do not take an enormous toll on the environment, and do not exploit the world’s poorest people.

Bicycle riding smallThis approach may involve not shopping at a supermarket, instead supporting the local farmer’s market and organic grocery store. It might involve riding your bike more, not accepting plastic bags, and making more of your own food rather than buying packaged. It might mean paying a bit more to buy fair trade and ethically-made clothing and toys, and will certainly mean walking past the sweat shop-made ones. It might take time to find businesses that are trying to do the right thing – because, like ours, most of them are small and not very noticeable. But the up side is that lots of people making choices in the right direction will make a difference.

Kitchen volunteers shutterstock_184907453SmallMany of these businesses carry far lower profit margins than those that are less ethical. This is because costs of production are higher, but prices cannot reflect this since they need to remain competitive. At Mokosh, we’re proud of our products – we believe they’re not only the best skin care on the planet, but also the safest, most ethical and most environmentally friendly skin care you can buy. But we can’t afford a massive marketing campaign, or a fancy website upgrade every year. However, when you buy Mokosh products, you are voting for organic agriculture, fair trade, palm oil free, preservative free, and virtually plastic free products.

pouring creamsEthical businesses can thrive, but they need customer support – more support than a mainstream business taking the easier, more profitable road. We’re grateful that so many of our customers spread the word about Mokosh by buying gifts or a sample pack for their friends. This is the kind of activism a business such as ours needs to survive. Please, if you can, consider doing so for other ethical businesses you’d like to see thriving in our community. Remember that whatever you buy will be replaced with the same product – so buy only what you want to see more of. And never underestimate the power of your wallet – it is a world changer.